Our History

Our Heritage Goes Back To UFP’s Founding In 1955

UFP Industries is an American success story, authored by thousands of employees and led by loyal individuals who learned the business from the ground up. The markets we serve aren’t always glitzy, but they’re essential. When is the last time you saw a roof without a truss? The things we build are important. And the opportunity we build along with them is rewarding. Here’s how we’ve done it.


The Early Years

  • Universal Forest Products was founded by William Grant, Sr. as major stockholder and sole salesman.


  • The company has sales of $12 million. Then-Vice President of Sales Peter F. Secchia purchases control of the company.
  • Bill Currie, today’s Chairman of the Board, joins the company as a salesman.


  • The company’s Florida plant produces UFP’s first charge of treated lumber. Today, UFP is the world’s largest lumber pressure treater.


  • Peter Secchia is appointed United States Ambassador to Italy by President George H.W. Bush.
  • Bill Currie succeeds Peter Secchia as CEO.


UFP goes public

  • Universal goes public, issuing 5.7 million shares and raising $20 million in additional equity.


Site Built is launched

  • Universal enters the site-built construction market with an acquisition in Pennsylvania and Texas. It was the beginning of new and significant growth for Universal.


  • Less than one year after entering the site built construction market, Universal becomes the nation’s largest residential truss manufacturer with the acquisition of Shoffner Industries, Inc. Headquartered in Burlington, N.C., Shoffner had 14 facilities in seven states.


Shawnlee Acquisition

  • Advancing its commitment to grow its framing business, Universal announces an investment in the largest framer of multifamily structures in the Massachusetts area, Shawnlee Construction, LLC.
  • Sales pass $2 billion for the first time in company history, reaching nearly $2.5 billion.


  • Universal celebrates 50 years as a company.
  • Annual sales are $2.7 billion


  • Universal is named one of Fortune magazine’s Most Admired Companies.


  • Matthew J. Missad is named the fifth CEO in the company’s history.


  • CEO Matt Missad is named to Fortune’s “Businessperson of the Year” list, an annual ranking of the top 50 corporate leaders in the world.
  • Universal celebrates its 60th year in business.


A year of phenomenal growth!

  • Universal Forest Products changes its name to UFP Industries and reorganizes into three business segments: UFP Construction, UFP Retail Solutions, and UFP Industrial.
  • UFP Site Built becomes part of UFP Construction and names Mike Ellerbrook, Executive Vice President.
  • UFP Industries celebrates 65 years.

UFP Site Built Acquires
Atlantic Prefab

  • UFP Site Built acquired Atlantic Prefab with a strategy to move into the light gauge structural component market. UFP Industries is one of the country’s leading manufacturers of wood trusses and wall panels and saw an opportunity to use their experience and diversify into new markets. This effort focuses on the 5 to 10-story steel frame market. UFP Site Built plans significant growth in this area over the next 5 to 10 years by expanding Atlantic Prefab into multiple regions of the country.

UFP Site Built Acquires
Exterior Design

  • Exterior Design fit into the UFP Site Built turnkey labor market by supplying and installing commercial cladding in the region. The additional expertise and UFP’s buying power, and multi-region reach will allow Exterior Design to grow beyond its current service markets. The plan is to use Shawnlee Construction and Exterior Design to ensure we can leverage sales on all regional multi-family projects. A true Frame to finish concept.

UFP Site Built Acquires
Patriot Building Systems

  • Patriot Building Systems was added to the UFP Site Built family, focusing on turnkey framing in the northern MA, NH, and Maine markets. Patriot has a quality list of customers and a proven name in the area and will continue to grow their business with the assistance of Shawnlee and UFP, providing back office and product support. Patriot now can provide a true turnkey framing package to their customers in the northern New England markets.


UFP Site Built Acquires
Endurable Building Products

  • With an eye on expanding our offering to the multifamily market, UFP Site Built acquired Endurable Building Products in April 2021. Endurable offers prefabricated deck and railing systems to the multifamily market throughout the United States. The people of Endurable have been a great addition to our wood and light gauge component product lines and furthered our efforts in both new products and offsite prefabrication. Endurable and UFP Site Built management work together to grow our customer base and respective sales volumes. Endurable has recently moved into a 75,000 sqft facility adjacent to its original location, and we plan to add another manufacturing facility on the east coast in 2023.

Did you know?

UFP Industries has been profitable every year we’ve been in business, while maintaining a solid balance sheet and a balanced business model. That has allowed us to weather economic cycles and to cement strong relationships with customers who rely on us for consistent performance.

Our offices are nothing fancy, but there’s a lot going on. A lot of work. A lot of learning. A lot of accountability. We believe in treating people with respect, no matter their background. We believe in holding ourselves accountable for our actions and our results. We’re determined – we do what we say we’re going to do. We like to have fun. And we like to win!